The Integrative Science of Water & Consciousness Podcast

❄️Part 1. The Story of Tourmaline Spring

May 07, 2020 Seth Season 1 Episode 1
The Integrative Science of Water & Consciousness Podcast
❄️Part 1. The Story of Tourmaline Spring
Show Notes

Hello, everybody. Seth here from Tourmaline Spring, and I'm with my business partner and one of my nearest and dearest friends, Bryan Pullen. We've known each other for over a decade now. 

And it's funny, because through the history of Tourmaline Spring and Summit Spring, and everything that's happened, Bryan and I have kind of been pegged as 'the odd couple', because the way people would perceive me is 'the left-wing liberal hippie' - even though I'm a political atheist - but still people would judge me or perceive me as being that, whereas Bryan would be more on the 'right-wing conservative' political angle. People would always say, "How are you guys friends? What's the common denominating factor, here? What ties you guys together?" And it's interesting, because so many things tie us in together, even though we may have different perspectives on certain angles, like everybody does. Bryan and I share such an affinity - obviously for water, but for so many other things in life around nature, and just around ‘being’, that it has allowed us to persevere through our friendship, through the ups and downs, through the trials. And believe me, we have been through some serious trials, with the whole raw water trend, with all the things that have happened! Our friendship was almost put on the line. We've been through it all. And here we are today. We're still close friends, we're still working together, and we still operate the absolute highest quality, most integral water bottling operation in the world, as far as we know, for a million different reasons, which you're going to hear us list and get into throughout this series of podcasts and interviews. 

We're going to cover everything that we've always wanted to talk about. Bryan and I have been in front of every major mainstream media outlet you can think of. Every one of them! And we've wanted to say so much. And in fact, there were times when we did say what we wanted to say. And it was edited out of their final pieces because it didn’t make them look so good. So this is Bryan and I, this is Tourmaline Spring. This is Summit Spring. This is uncut, uncensored and completely raw, just like this incredible water that we drink and offer to the world. So I want to introduce my friend Bryan Pullen. And I think from here, I'd like to just get into the history of how you came to be the owner of Summit Spring, the history of it. Let's start there. Get into that!

I am going to passionately and shamelessly plug Tourmaline Spring because it deserves it.

I’m suggesting that people need to know about this water, try it, and become part of the already regionally established recurring customer base, and discover what they know about Tourmaline Spring.

There is a reason why we have a customer base that continually reorders from us. 

There are customers from before the time that Bryan was ever the Steward and had preserved this great source - that have been customers for 40 years.

There were customers who had children with asthma that were using inhalers that were able to stop using them after making this special water a consistent part of their routine. 

This water improves lives.

We suggest that you try to drink it for a week or two and then see if you’re able to go back to something else. It’s doubtful your body will let you.

You can order cases direct from, or if you want to order by the pallet and do “water-shares” (where you team up with other’s in your area to have a pallet of 60 cases shipped to you), then email us through our website or at

This water is better for your health than the highest quality organic foods are. 

And at a time in history where people are so disconnected from nature, there isn’t a better product or element that you can find anywhere that offers the opportunity to help individual